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[FORTRAN] will persist for some time -- probably for at least the next decade. -- T. Cheatham

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zzz famous last words


Posted: 8 Days 15 Hours ago by: Anonymous

http://333.i2p/topics/215-title Yandex Translation: Napalm Daddy tells you that the future of i2p is on the Rusky forum. Big fan of Apocalypse Now and one of my favorite quotes is "I love the smell of Napalm in the morning. I used speak

Qubes HCL: 4 "Left Hand 5 Fingers Discounts"


Posted: 11 Days 9 Hours ago by: Anonymous

You were lucky to get a monster desktop that fell from a truck. I don't judge as long as it was not mine. Count your blessings because maybe you can wing some Qubes compatibility after all. Head over to and g

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